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  • Multi Brush Embroidery 3-D Iris Pattern for Fabric and Hard Surfaces


    Enjoy this beautiful Iris pattern with instructions for both hard and fabric surfaces. It comes with many line drawing choices of the Iris to fit a variety of surfaces.  It's a fantastic way to embellish gifts your friends will treasure forever.  

    For your hard surfaces you will need the Tip KitTeflonTransfer Cloth, a #6 Filbert paint brush, and Dimensional Effects

    If you like textured, colored glass you will need Rebecca Baer's Stencil Gel with a dot of any color acrylic paint.

    For the Puff Paint on clothing and home decor fabrics you will need Puff PaintTransfer ClothWhite Gel Pen, and 1/8" Filbert Rake paint brush. 

    This pattern also comes with instructions on how to use my Iris stencil to decorate garments.